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WWE Superstar CJ ‘Lana’ Perry Eats 5 Eggs For Breakfast Before A Big Match

WWE celebrity CJ "Lana" Perry eats five eggs AND a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast each morning—a need to so that it will gas actions like this inside the ring:

damn, right?

"while i was a vegan, i was 15 lbs lighter than i'm now," the entire Divas famous person tel but she abandoned it while she began wrestling in 2013. "i was too light," she says. "it's no longer secure to wrestle like that. I wanted more meat on my body."

She says certainly one of her biggest challenges is simply bulking up, and she or he is one of the "smaller" girls on the roster. So she eats a big quantity of protein (normally from animal sources like meat and eggs) at every single meal to make sure she's putting on muscle.

As she prepares for her upcoming "money in the financial institution" ladder in shape in Chicago, CJ stocks exactly what she eats in an afternoon to stay sturdy AF:

Breakfast: So. Many. Eggs.
whilst she's schooling or making ready for a healthy, CJ goes hard at breakfast. She'll have 5 (yes, 5!) eggs at breakfast with some oatmeal, at the least half of an avocado, and a few tomato. "I should have protein and carbs," she says—otherwise she would not have the electricity to get via the day.

If she's at domestic, CJ may have espresso with creamer and stevia. however if she's on the road, she says that she and her husband love getting caramel macchiatos from Starbucks. "I possibly have one every day or each other day," she says.

Lunch: Protein-packed burrito bowl
CJ maintains up with the protein well into lunch. She says she usually gravitates towards steak or fish with a facet of candy potatoes and greens.

"I don't have a cheat day. If I really want an Oreo earlier than I exit and struggle, i am going to have it."

but, she's on the street 4 days per week, that may frequently limit her options to rapid food. In those conditions, she frequently resorts to a burrito bowl at Chipotle: brown rice, pinto beans, chook, a double-serving of fajita onions and peppers, guacamole, salsa, and cilantro.

One factor missing from her order: cheese and sour cream. "i love cheese," she says. "Feta cheese is my kryptonite." however she says she tries to restrict how an awful lot cheese she eats because it could be constipating. "i'd as a substitute get my fats from the avocado," she adds.

Snack: Protein shake or protein bars

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CJ keeps up a steady protein consumption in the course of the day to make sure that she stays robust and bulked up. "I constantly have a protein shake after my exercise," CJ says. She even brings her protein powder along with her while she travels.

"i really like an awesome Quest bar," she adds. "in case you warmness it up within the microwave it literally tastes like a brownie."

once in a while, she says she needs a lift of power right before she is going out to struggle. She used to reach for sour Skittles ("My favorite!") however now she turns to darkish chocolate or coffee to get a sugar rush proper earlier than she steps into the hoop.

Dinner: Meat with a facet of carbs

the focus on protein would not die down at dinner. CJ says she has steak or salmon paired with a carb like sweet potatoes or brown rice (much like lunch), with masses of vegetables. some of her favorites consist of squash, green beans, and grilled red peppers.

She also likes salads, even though her go-to is a chunk one-of-a-kind from your general Chop't fare. "growing up in Russia, we'd have salads that have a lot of fresh tomatoes, cucumber, dill, onion, and olive oil with feta cheese, olives, and lemon. it really is actually my favored salad."

Dinner is also the time in which CJ assesses her day's protein intake. "If I feel like i have lacked in protein, i will have a shake earlier than mattress," she says. tracking the particular numbers is triggering for her (she struggled with disordered consuming in her teenagers), so as an alternative CJ has her husband, instructor, or nutritionist assist her parent out if she wishes to eat a bit extra before bed.

"I without a doubt word a massive difference after I do it," she says. "whilst i am adding the greater protein and that i paintings simply tough, i get extra muscle."

Dessert: ChocolateIf you are a real Housewives fan, you can recall Teresa Giudice because the queen of onscreen freak-outs. but now, it's my turn to freak out—because she is formally JACKED.

On June nine, Teresa pulled out all of the large guns on the NPC South Jersey Bodybuilding Championships, and her extraordinarily match physique earned her 1/3 location at her first-ever bodybuilding competition. And now, she's landed the quilt folks Weekly, too.

"It turned into some thing I’ve continually wanted to do—for myself," Teresa told Us Weekly in her cowl tale. "I’ve long past to the health club seeing that I ought to force. I desired to peer my frame remodel."

 Teresa Giudice
GETTY images
rework it truely did—you may actually see the ones muscle gains when you compare her bodybuilding photos to snaps of her already-fit parent in December and January, while she started training:

"I feel like I look sexier. this is the maximum assured I’ve felt seeing that after my children," Teresa instructed Us Weekly:

"i really like the manner my fingers and back appearance. All my clothes are big on me. My frame significantly modified because of yoga, but this was even extra severe. It debunks the myth that if you’re over forty, you can’t look good."
 Teresa Giudice
GETTY photographs
in step with humans, a source stated the 46-yr-vintage actual Housewives of latest Jersey big name educated for months to compete in the 40-plus bikini department.

“She has been training for this bodybuilding opposition for the reason that December,” the unnamed supply said. “She desired a new mission and pushed herself to the acute. right now she is inside the first-rate form of her existence.”

Teresa has even shared several movies of her schooling routine on Instagram, as similarly proof of her difficult work.

The human beings supply delivered that Teresa is “even more fit than while she got domestic [from prison].”

In 2015, Teresa served an eleven-month jail sentence for fraud (her husband Joe Giudice, is currently serving out his forty one-month sentence for fraud and has reportedly misplaced forty five lbs., in keeping with human beings).

related tale
teresa giudice
prison grew to become Teresa Giudice into a Yogi
After her time in jail, Teresa instructed girls's fitness that yoga helped her advantage control of her impulsivity. "I desire i might have performed this years in the past," she shared. "i really like it a lot that I need to get licensed in it. i've, i'd say, a few more months to head. i'm just taking my time, due to the fact i've 4 daughters."

however how did this busy mom transition to weightlifting? “I should maintain my thoughts busy,”she advised Us Weekly. After yoga, “i used to be looking for the following thing. I additionally wanted to expose my daughters that if you put difficult paintings and time into something, you could attain something.”

So what did Teresa's daughters think of her competing? "before everything, they didn’t want to peer me in a thong on degree!" she stated in her cover story with Us Weekly.

"but they [watched me compete] and they were so happy with me. They saw that it is a game and how large and near the network is. They’re so into it now, especially Audriana. They were my No. 1 cheerleaders."
Teresa's brother, Joe Gorga, who frequently appears on RHONJ, was there Saturday to reveal his assist, and posted a picture of them flexing collectively.

"pleased with my sister for her difficult paintings and dedication!!" he captioned a photograph of him flexing his hands with Teresa. (seems like large weapons run inside the fam.)

And reputedly, real Housewives of Orange County megastar Tamra decide—who has also participated in bodybuilding competitions—offered her aid, too. Teresa advised Us Weekly that Tamra texted her saying: "plenty of hard work, mentally and bodily, goes into competing. wish to procure first region!”

So are there more bodybuilding competitions at the horizon for Teresa? "sure. I want to preserve schooling. the subsequent step is getting first vicinity, after which we’ll see from there. I’m very aggressive. I want to win next time," she informed Us Weekly.

however, even more important than triumphing, Teresa wants to make an impact. "i'm hoping I stimulated a variety of people. That’s what this is approximately. I realize I’m within the public eye so it’s exceptional to hear that," she stated. "It’s essential to be healthy—for your bodily and mental health. If i can help human beings feel and look better, that’s a terrific issue."

"i am greater of a dessert person," CJ says. "I don't have a cheat day. If I really need an Oreo earlier than I go out and battle, i am going to have it and it'll be pleasant."

She loves ice cream, particularly chocolate or mint chocolate chip with hot fudge sauce. "My husband is Bulgarian and his mother makes this scrumptious element called banitsa made with phyllo and cheese and it's simply so delicious, I should devour the whole pan."

She says that once she's getting ready for a picture shoot or an critical healthy like the approaching cash inside the bank, she cuts lower back on chocolates and indulgences. however even then, "if i have a cookie or a chunk of chocolate, that’s pleasant."

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